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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Winner and new contest!

Virginia Smith is the winner of The Wedding Caper by Janice Thompson. Congrats to Ginny. Leave a comment on any of my blog posts during the month of August and you will be eligible to win Remember Me by Maureen Lang, a very timely book about two young adults caught up in the maelstrom of War.

Lissa Parker is making plans to head overseas as a nurse with the Red Cross in 1917 when she meets and falls in love with a young man who has lost his memory. Josef von Woerner heads to Europe to fight. As his memory comes back in bits and pieces he is faced with several life-changing decisions. This is not just a love story, but a heart-searching book with many twists and turns. If you enjoy historical fiction, you will love reading this book and learn much about this era in the process.


Dorothy Stephen said...

Rose, I really enjoy browsing your site and hopeful to be an August winner :)...May God Bless your writing efforts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Wedding pictures I have seen are lovely..I can see why you have had a busy summer prepareing for it..

Robin Johns Grant said...

Sounds like a great book. Count me in!