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Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Great Sophomore Novel by Deborah Vogts--Seeds of Summer

Sometimes an author writes a wonderful debut novel but the second novel doesn't quite measure up. That is definitely NOT the case with Deborah Vogts newest book, Seeds of Summer. I thoroughly enjoyed her first novel, Snow Melts in Spring, but Seeds of Summer kept me up past midnight wanting to find out what happened to the characters. All of the characters had foibles and failures, and that made them seem real to me and caused me to root for them.

The heroine is a former rodeo queen and the hero is the local pastor. They seem like an unlikely pair, but as you read, you find yourself rooting for them to get together. I don't want to tell the ending, but it is a happy one for almost everyone. Make sure you get this book and read it soon. Highly recommended!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another story by Danielle Kinney

Some of my readers will remember me posting a story by my youngest granddaughter a few months ago. She is now 9 and has written another story. She has also written a very interesting play. Below is the new story I hope you will enjoy. And the picture is of her ready for school this morning. At breakfast I gave her my ACFW folder from the conference I attended last month. I asked her if she was an American, a Christian, and a Fiction Writer. She answered yes to all of the questions so I gave her the folder to write more stories in. When I said I wanted to take a picture of her with the folder she struck the pose you see here--pencil held high, tablet under arm. At first I wondered what she was doing until she told me she was the Statue of Writer-ty! What creativity! No wonder she is already on her way to publication. She told her mom she doesn't want to wait til she is 60 to get her first story pubbed.

My First Horse Camp

By Danielle Kinney

Chapter 1
It was night and I was in the race. Then I fell off my horse and I lost the race. Then I woke up, and I knew it was a dream but it was still night. So I went down stairs then my dad said we are going to the woods to camp out to celebrate my brother’s sixteenth birthday.

Chapter 2
I went to school the next morning. I told my friend I’m going to camp out for spring break. Then I went home so I can pack my things and go. We went to the woods and celebrated my brother’s birthday.

Chapter 3
After 2 days of the camping trip, I went to the woods and I saw a graveyard. But Emily was too scared so I was right next to her. Then I saw my mom’s grave. I cried for a minute, and then I went back. On the way back to the camp, Emily got lost! We all went to the woods to look for her but she was gone forever.

Chapter 4
Dr. Peter found my horse in the woods. He hates horses and he is greedy. He set a trap for Emily and pulled her legs in the rope. He tied her in a knot, and pulled her to a secret place on a hill in the woods. He tied her up on a tree on top of the hill. Then he set the tent on the ground and made a camp out too. Then he went to sleep.

Chapter 5
I went looking for Emily by myself. Then I saw Emily between two trees. 7 minutes later he woke up and pulled out a gun. Then I jumped in the way and pulled the rope on my horse’s neck. I got her out of the way just in time! I saved Emily’s life. Well Dr. Peter got arrested for 3 months. Then my dad got a new girlfriend at the big camp. 2 days later we went home. After that I was thinking about my dad because he has a new girl friend and maybe when I get a new mom I will be really really happy.

The End

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Winner of goodness gracious green is...cheryl linn martin

I am waiting to hear from her. If I do not hear back by next Sunday night, I will have my husband pick another name.

My apologies for being a couple days late posting this month. My hubby and I just returned from a week in Florida yesterday afternoon. We came from temps in the high 80s to the low 40s. Brrr! No big trips planned for the rest of the year, so leave a post anytime in Oct. and check back on Nov. 1st to see who wins an ARC copy of The Narrow Path by Gail Sattler.

I just saw Gail in Indianapolis a couple weeks ago at the ACFW conference and her dark hair had streaks of red this year. Wonder what color it will be the next time I see her!?! You never know with Gail! She is also a mean bass guitar player who helps lead worship for our ACFW conferences.

Gail Sattler has written 21 novels, and 12 novellas, numerous giftbooks and cookbooks and short pieces in other anthologies. She is a member of a Mennonite Brethren church. In The Narrow Path her characters struggle to find a way to make peace in order to meet their goal of opening the doors of the hero's Old Order Mennonite church. This story deals with a universal question--Can two people from different worlds find love somewhere in the middle?

I hope you will want to read this story and find out. If you don't win, you can always order a copy from Abingdon Press or your local Christian bookstore or online.

This copy was provided by Abingdon Press for promotional/review purposes.