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Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Great Sophomore Novel by Deborah Vogts--Seeds of Summer

Sometimes an author writes a wonderful debut novel but the second novel doesn't quite measure up. That is definitely NOT the case with Deborah Vogts newest book, Seeds of Summer. I thoroughly enjoyed her first novel, Snow Melts in Spring, but Seeds of Summer kept me up past midnight wanting to find out what happened to the characters. All of the characters had foibles and failures, and that made them seem real to me and caused me to root for them.

The heroine is a former rodeo queen and the hero is the local pastor. They seem like an unlikely pair, but as you read, you find yourself rooting for them to get together. I don't want to tell the ending, but it is a happy one for almost everyone. Make sure you get this book and read it soon. Highly recommended!

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