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Friday, January 23, 2009

NEW Blog Launches: "Writer to Reader" ~ Where writers & readers connect by Peg Phifer

I am proud to announce a new blog recently started by Peg Phifer for both writers and readers. So, if you fit into either or both categories (doesn't everyone?) go to http://www.writer-to-reader.com Peg is setting up a schedule that will include postings of book reviews, contests, and interviews and more. I especially like the "Road Signs" segments which remind me of the old Burma Shave signs, except they all are pithy sayings about reading or writing. This site is a real treat. My only problem is that I could visit it for hours and not get any writing done! LOL I hope you'll mosey on over today.


Peg said...

Thank you so much for posting about my new blog, Rose. I really appreciate it.

(I'll email you about adding a blog list to your sidebar.)


Mary said...


I read your post below and have added you to my prayer list.

I found you through ACFW and am so glad I did. I'm going now to check out the new blog. Thanks for the heads-up.


ginger said...


What a refreshing blog site. I love the constant reference to your husband. Our dearest better-halves (not sure if that is grammatically correct) tend to live in obscurity.

My husband, I'm sorry to say, becomes my wardrobe caretaker when I travel. I don't know what I would do without him. Of course, when we return home, the roles switch.

Give that dear man a big hug from all of us! He's doing a great work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, i added it to my Blog to visit :)