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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Book Review-- Out of Her Hands by Megan DiMaria

Megan DiMaria's second book lives up to the writing standard (4 1/2 stars Romantic Times magazine!) she set in her first novel, Searching for Spice. In Out of her Hands, the heroine we met and loved and identified with in Searching for Spice, Linda Revere, continues on her journey as a working mom, wife, and everywoman who continues on her journey to learn to trust God more.

With her best friend moving across country, the need to help her widowed father-in-law move on with his life, and her son set to marry an unbeliever, Linda's life often seems out of control until she remembers that it is all out of her hands anyway, and in the hands of the only One who can make sense of it all.

I hope there is a third book in this delightful series. Leave a comment anytime this month to be eligible to win a copy of this book in my monthly drawing. (See last post for requirements.) And if you haven't read Searching for Spice, be sure to get a copy of it. Happy Reading!


Megan DiMaria said...

Thanks for the thoughtful review. There isn't a third book planned for Linda, but I hope everyone will fall in love with Libby, my newest character in my work in progress!

Robin Johns Grant said...

Sounds like she writes about very realistic situations and characters.