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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The winner of The Bartered Bride by Erica Vetsch is...Charity. And now, for our new contest...

Everyone except Charity who has a US mailing addy and leaves a comment and email info during the month of December will be entered in the drawing to win a copy of Love Finds You in Revenge Ohio by Lisa Harris.

If you have read any of the other Love Finds You In... books or any of Lisa Harris's other books, you will know you are in for a well-anticipated treat, so I hope you will leave a comment this month and give yourself the gift of reading this fun book. It's a well-written read and has many twists and surprises to keep you reading quickly to the end. Below is the back-cover blurb to give you a glimpse into what you can look forward to:

"The only thing worse than being a spinster is being a twice-jilted spinster. At twenty-five, Catherine Morgan is hardly an old maid. But she's given up on marriage and instead manages the family's general store in the small town of Revenge, Ohio. Bound by a promise to care for her three sisters until they marry, she'll do anything to keep them safe. But Sheriff Corbin Hunter stands in her way. He has evidence that her sister's fiance is really an infamous bank robber--and the man who murdered his father. Catherine finds herself torn between saving her sister's heart and losing hers to the man who jilted her seven years ago. Will Corbin's desire for revenge cause him to lose Catherine a second time?"


Lisa Harris said...

Thanks for spreading the word about Love Finds You in Revenge, Rose. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book! Blessings!

Jeanette Levellie said...

Rose: Thank you for your generosity, and kind comments on my interview today at Sunnybank Meanderings. What a sweetheart you are! It was lovely meeting you at the Indy Conference last month.

I'd love to read this book; sounds intriguing. Any town named Revenge must have some history lurking behind each tree. Count me in!


Patti Lacy said...

Oh, Rose, I love the one Love Finds You book I've read, by Melanie Dobson!!!

Don't miss it, either!!!


Anonymous said...

I would love to read this book!! Please enter me:) Lori L.

Peg said...

Hi, Rose, my first visit to your blog, after browsing through your Website. I've only read 2 of the Love Finds You books so I'd really love to get my hands on this one. I may even set out on a search to collect them all. Please enter me:


Blessings & Merry Christmas!

Merry said...

I've enjoyed some of Lisa's books and they were wonderful. Please include me in the drawing for Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio. Thank you!


Abi said...

I'd love to win this book thanks.

ABreading4fun [at] gmail[dot] com