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Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Musings

I emailed the following story to a friend this morning and thought it might give some of you a laugh, too, so decided to share! (Although I don't think our preacher's wife thought it was very funny at the time!)

Dottie said they had spring cleaning scheduled for later on this month at her church. That reminded me of a funny incident that occurred during spring cleaning at our former church. One year I found this old stained squeeze bottle like you use when you give perms and had no idea how it got in the church kitchen, so threw it out in the trash. Then that Sunday morning the preacher's wife had to pour all the communion cups by hand! LOL I used to fill the communion cups at my home church as a teenager, but we had a store-bought plastic bottle with a little black tube coming out to make it dripless, so I had no idea she used a permanent solution squeeze bottle!

Do you have any amusing stories to share this week? Anyone else remember filling communion cups? Does your church still hold a spring cleaning day?


Anonymous said...

I loved your spring cleaning story and I am sure it will bring lots of chuckels to others as well:) I have a little story but it is about bell ringing not spring cleaning. When I was 7 years old my brother and sister being 7 and 4 years older than me got to be custodians of our little country chruch and me I didn't have a job so I talked them into letting me be the early bell ringer that told every one that services would beging in 15 min. I was too short to reach the bell so I had to stand on a bench and then get hold of the rope and swing off of the bench. I guess it must of made me feel important but someone always had to be their to make sure I didn't fall. That sure doesn't meet your story telling :).

Blessings to you Rose,

Anonymous said...

Rose, that was a good story. I'm commenting, though, because my reply messages to you are still bouncing back. I just want you to know that, even if you don't hear from me, I pray for each of your requests. I'll keep trying to reply. Maybe it will fix itself at some point! Also, I sent your address to Susan, and she will be mailing your book to you! Take care. Sylvia