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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Book Review--Menu for Romance by Kaye Dacus

I am happy to tell you about a book that will dish up some romance for you, served Louisiana style. Meredith Guidry is a party-planner extraordinaire, and Major O'Hara is a locally famous chef. They've worked together for years, but both refuse to give voice to their growing attraction to one another.

Meredith tries to date some other guys to get her mind off Major. He finally decides to tell her his family secret that has always kept him from commitment, but is involved in a car accident on the way. With cracked ribs and a broken leg, he has to admit he can't always take care of everything, while growing in admiration of Meredith's strength of character and heart.

Meredith and Major were well-rounded secondary characters in Ms. Dacus' first book Stand-In Groom. I'm glad they got a book with their own story, and I hope we will see many more books about this family and its various members in future books.

So go out and satisfy your romantic appetite by buying this second book by Kaye Dacus and enjoy a well-written, funny and endearing romance. Consider it a yummy dessert without calories!


Amy said...

Dear Rose,
You make the book sound very "appetizing" and make me want to read the first one too. But what really caught my heart was the previous post about the Wade Center. I was there in the '90's and saw "the wardrobe" where C.S. Lewis and his brother used to climb up and sit and make up stories. It's a lot smaller than the one in the book but I was thrilled to see it anyway.
Amy Barkman

Write Pathway said...

I'd love to read Menu for Romance, Kay Dacus' book about Meredith and Major.

Cara Putman said...

I loved her first book in this set and would love to read this one.

cara at caraputman dot com

Betty Anne Bantz said...

I haven't read this book, but I love her writing. I just posted a review of THE TRANSFORMATION, book 3 in the Restoration series, at book sites and my own web page: www.bantzbooks.com She's my new favorite author!!!

Debra said...

I fell in love with all the characters in Stand-In Groom. Now, I'm looking forward to reading Menu for Romance.


Patricia said...

I too think this would be a wonderful book to win and read. pgrau dot ggi at gmail dot com