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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Contest winner and new book contest and review--Snow Melts in Spring by Deborah Vogts

Congrats to Sharon Ball who wins a copy of Breach of Trust by DiAnn Mills. I have another great book to offer this month. Anyone with a US mailing address who leaves a comment and a way to be contacted is eligible to win Deb Vogt's debut novel. The release date for Snow Melts in Spring is today, July 1.

I met Deborah Vogts several years ago at one of the first ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) conferences. I am so happy for her success at landing super-agent Rachelle Gardner and having her first novel published by Zondervan. Congrats to Deb and Rachelle! You can check out more about both of these ladies and this book at www.cba-ramblings.blogspot.com

Deb loves the Flint Hills area of Kansas and has written a lovely story placed in this lovely setting. Deb also loves horses which play a main part in this story. Here's a snatch from the back cover blurb to whet your appetite for this book. One person will win it, and I hope the rest of you will buy or order it soon! Happy reading!

"Mattie Evans grew up in the Flint Hills of Kansas. Although her family has lost their ranch, she still calls this land home. A skilled young veterinarian, she struggles to gain the confidence of the local ranchers. Fortunately, her best friend and staunchest supporter is John McCray, owner of the Lightning M Ranch. They both love the ranch, and neither can imagine living anywhere but in the Flint Hills.
When Mattie is called in to save an injured horse, she finds herself unwillingly tossed into the middle of a family conflict. Secret pain, passions, and agendas play out against the beautiful landscapes as love leads to some unexpected conclusions about forgiveness and renewal."


Karen Lange said...

Hello Rose - We haven't talked in ages; hope you are well. Enjoying reading your posts:) Have a wonderful 4th weekend!

Robin Johns Grant said...

Wow, I'm really behind on your blog. Sounds like a great read!

Deborah Vogts said...

Hi Rose, thanks for having me on your blog. Blessings to you and hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose: I've enjoyed looking at your blog and your pics of the Chicago conference. My good friend is from a farm in Kansas--so I know I would enjoy reading this month's book if I should win it.
God bless,
Cheryl Abney

Teresa Slack said...

Rose, thanks so much for bringing these awesome books to our attention. When my next one is released, I'll have to let you know. All the best, Teresa

The Write Life said...

Hi Rose!

I'd love to be entered to win this book. It sounds wonderful.


Write Pathway said...

I'd like to meet Matty Evans and learn about her pursuit of happiness in Kansas. Books about forgiveness and renewal are my favorites.

Frugal Femina said...

Hi, Rose,

Stephanie Reed sent me over here. She knows I love finding other KY bloggers. Nice to meet you! :-)


Frugal Femina
Fun & Thrifty Talk for a Well-Managed Home

NMusch said...

Hello Rose,
This is my first visit to your lovely blog. I'm a fellow ACFW Midwesterner and saw your note about the book drawing, so I had to pop in and introduce myself. Keep up the great work!

Mary Bailey said...

HI Rose, sorry I missed the writer's group at Barnes and Noble last Sunday. Hope to see you at the August meeting.
Mary Bailey