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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Golden Friends

I'm posting a picture of myself on the left with three friends I have dubbed my "Forever Friends." I'm on the back row in the white shirt. Next to me is Bev whom I've known even longer than I can remember back to. I think we were on the Cradle Roll at church together and her mom was the first Sunday School teacher I remember. Bev and I went to the same church until we married and moved away, and the same Christian school since 6th grade. On the front row are Phyllis and Sandi. They joined us in 7th grade and we went all the way thru high school together and even went to the same Christian college for 2 years, so they are three of my nearest and dearest friends. Even if we don't see each other for awhile, we just pick right up where we left off.

The picture at the top above is of the four of us plus two more "golden friends" from our college years, Ena and Yvonne. In fact, the last time we got together we talked about which character in "The Golden Girls" show we would each be! I told them I would have to be Rose, of course! How about you, dear readers? Do you have some golden friends you haven't seen or talked to for awhile? There's no better time than the present to call or email them and renew those everlasting bonds of friendship. Your friend, Rose

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